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If you don't feel like cooking, you might be wondering what you're going to feed your family. Consider going to all you can eat BBQ restaurants, an Italian restaurant for a family style dinner or a classic American chain for great food made by someone else.

All you can eat BBQ restaurants offer more than just BBQ ribs. There, you'll be able to find items like smoked pork, smoked chicken, sausage and more. If you're hungry after a long day at work, you can often find meals that combine a combination of meats or all you can eat meals of pulled pork, pulled brisket, chicken or BBQ ribs. Side items often include corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, baked sweet potatoes, and other Southern-style favorites.

Desserts often include homemade treats like apple cobbler, homestyle pudding and others just like Mom used to make. Service at all you can eat BBQ restaurants is often very quick, as the meals have been slow smoked all day and oftentimes just need to be pulled off the smoker for patrons.